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    Streamline Marketo-WebEx integration

           We've been using the Marketo-WebEx connector for well over a year and have been happy with the results.

           However, it appears that WebEx has made some changes that make the registration process unduly burdensome for the attendee. (This was pointed out to us by our CTO.)

           I don't know if any functionality has advanced on the Marketo side so I am looking for any tips in general.

           Specifically, I am also looking for anyone who has a solution that allows us to populate each Attendee's WebEx generated unique log-in URL into a Marketo confirmation mailer.

        • Re: Streamline Marketo-WebEx integration
          Just pop the {{member.webinar url}} token into your confirmation email (you might want to use a 30 min or 1 hour wait step just to be safe about the data getting to WebEx).

          When I used the event integrations, I wait to send the URL until the 1-hour reminder email, not the confirmation. It's all up to you.