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    Can the social share button be stylized with custom CSS?

    Dan Stevens
      Not sure why Marketo didn't provide a way to stylize (at least change the color) the social share button like it does for Forms 2.0 submit buttons.  Has anyone tried to use custom CSS within a landing page to change the color?


      I'm going to try creating a localized CSS rule for the "lpeCElement Social_Button_1" class to see if that does the trick.  Here's the complete div tag/code that's used on a Marketo landing page:
      <div id='lpeCDiv_15356' class='lpeCElement Social_Button_1'><div class='lpContentsItem shareButtonSpan'><div class='cf_widgetLoader cf_w_xxxxx'></div>
      Even if this works, I'm not sure I'll be able to do this on non-Marketo pages since the embed code is much different:
      <div class='cf_widgetLoader cf_w_xxxxx'></div>