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Can the social share button be stylized with custom CSS?

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by b5d282dfa29104d6debc5bc70d2ef1ae61ffedec
Not sure why Marketo didn't provide a way to stylize (at least change the color) the social share button like it does for Forms 2.0 submit buttons.  Has anyone tried to use custom CSS within a landing page to change the color?


I'm going to try creating a localized CSS rule for the "lpeCElement Social_Button_1" class to see if that does the trick.  Here's the complete div tag/code that's used on a Marketo landing page:
<div id='lpeCDiv_15356' class='lpeCElement Social_Button_1'><div class='lpContentsItem shareButtonSpan'><div class='cf_widgetLoader cf_w_xxxxx'></div>

Even if this works, I'm not sure I'll be able to do this on non-Marketo pages since the embed code is much different:

<div class='cf_widgetLoader cf_w_xxxxx'></div>