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    How To Handle Multiple External Thank You Pages From a Single Form in an iframe

      We use iframes with URL tokens in the SRC attribute to pass data. We want to keep doing that.

      Currently, using the old forms (1.0?), we have a super-minimal Marketo Landing Page (nothing but the form) for each Thank You Page we want to target, and we enter the External URL in the Marketo Editor. All of these Landing Pages use the same Form (1.0) and just have different data passed into them.

      With Forms 2.0, the FORM is where it wants us to input the External URL for thank you pages. I think I'd like the ability to pull the Thank You Page URL (retURL I've seen it called) from one of the parameters I'm passing into the iframe so that we can use just one form/LP for everything.

      In the Forms 2.0 editor, the Form Settings tab does not seem to allow the option for pulling the URL from a URL token. I'm not sure how to proceed.

      My Theory:
      1.           Add a new hidden field (typage) that pulls from a URL token I'll add to the SRC field of the parent iframe
      2.           In the 'Advanced Thank You Page' area of the Form 2.0 settings, create a conditional If/Then statement for that variable to indicate the proper URL.
      3.           Repeat 400 times

      Is there a better way to handle this?

      I'd love to be able to set it and forget it by having the option to enter a variable into the 'Follow Up With:' field. Then I could just type in 'http://mysite.com/{{$typage}}/thankyou.php' or something and never need to look at Design Studio again for referring those links.