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Lead Counts and waiting for SFDC Campaigns to Sync

Question asked by 7f46342924b8abc4a852c34959e5b5f5cfc74693 on Oct 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by Josh Hill
Has anyone had issues with the syncing between a Smart Campaign's leads and the number of leads in a SFDC campaign?

We use campaigns in SFDC to store contacts and send messaging.  Yesterday, we lost communicating to a whole segment because Marketo, after 6+ hours of waiting for the system to see the 4k contacts we added in the SFDC campaigtn, it never saw any of the @4k.

We had been told in the past not to worry about this, that upon launching the smart campaign, Marketo will do a fresh sync to read all the contacts in the SFDC campaign before it sends. Wrong. It does not do that.  I had to launch it when Marketo still saw none, but came in today to see none of the emails ever sent.  On top of that, only about 90% of the other 2 campaigns we ran actually fulfilled the full amount of contacts.

Marketo - we need a better way to manage this.  There is no forced syncing, and can't set it.  We're just at the mercy of whenever the system decides to sync.  5+ hours for Marketo to see 4k contacts seems a crazy amount of time to wait and just watch the lead counts slowly tick up. Even today, after over 19 hours, only about 80% of those 4k are seen. It seems unnecessarily slow and doesn't allow us to pivot. I wonder what other syncing mechanisms are this slow to operate.