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    Pre-populated form not showing fields 'only visible' on original completion

      This is a tough one to explain but I shall  try my best.

      I have created a Marketo form that has a dropdown list for location. On selecting 'United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland' from this location dropdown, this triggers a 'Post Code' text box field to become visible.

      On first completion of this form, everything works as it should.

      On returning to the form, it pre-populates with the location selction but fails to show the Post Code field.

      I have the same problem on two forms and the second one has three field additional fields which become visible on selecting a specific option from a dropdown list. None of these additional fields are visible on returning to the form.

      Can someone offer a Marketo-based solution or if not, possibly explain how to get around this from a front-end point of view to force these 'only visible on selction' fields to be visible on subsequent form fills.

      Many thanks

      Tim Wilson