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    Links in emails being blocked recipient servers

      We held a webcast and sent out follow-up emails that included  a link to our website where the recording was posted. Specifically this event targeted the DHS registrants. We received word that they were receiving the following message on their browser when the clicked the link to the recording:

      Web Content Denied (content_filter_denied) Your request {url} was denied because of its contnet categorization. "Web Ads/Anylytics."

      We know the DHS is not blocked from our website as we have never run into this issue before with our old mailing system and DHS employees were able to access the page when we sent the link one-off not through marketo. 

      Has anyone had this issue before with any server or organization? It must be something in marketo adds into the urls we insert in the emails but I'm not sure how to work around this. 

      Thanks for your feedback!
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          My experience is that it ist, like you mentioned, the link tracking that Marketo appends.

          Happened to us too, links were fine one day, and the next, every link we sent via Marketo email to our own domain (internal employees) was blocked. Our IT team had to change the security settings within the entire organization.

          We found out that with most organizations, what's blocked and not blocked changes regularly, and in your case, the DHS may have upped their securities prior to your sending the webinar follow-up. To temporarily get around this, you can add a class of "mktnotrack" to any of the links in emails that your organization sends to the DHS domain. You won't get the luxury of the click-thru information that Marketo provides, but at least the pages won't be blocked. See the tutorial here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000KyqCCAS

          I'm not sure you have the luxury of asking the DHS to loosen securities for Marketo emails, so I'd open a support ticket, if you're able.