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    Re-sending Stream Emails

    Adriana Cellucci
      I would like to know if it is possible to resend an email to people in a stream who have not opened the previous email in that stream. For example "email 1" went out 3 weeks ago, and now if we have had no interaction from some people we would like to send those people "email 1" again, and to those who did open they would get the next email in the stream "email 2". 
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Adriana, within engagement programs, the same exact email cannot be sent twice. The best thing to probably do in this case would be to clone your email 1 and create a new stream for people who opened email 1. Anyone who did open email 1 should be pulled into the new stream containing email 2, and anyone who didn't should remain in the first stream with the newly cloned copy of email 1 as the next email. 
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            Josh Hill
            So Dory's right.

            But I've seen a lot of firms do this and I'm skeptical of this approach. If they weren't interested the first few times, why would they want a second or third variation of this email? Eitther improve the content and see if they respond, or remove them from the Nurture. This is a long term process and re-sending emails does not seem to me to be the best method.
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              Hi Josh, 

              I understand where you're coming from regarding prospect emails, but what about operational to customers? I may be going about this the wrong way, but I've got a necessary application for sending the same email multiple times. 

              We license our software and are trying to build a drip campaign for customers approaching their expiry date. The idea is to send a "license is expiring" email at 22 days, 15 days, 8 days and 1 day to warn that their license is about to expire. When they renew, they get removed from the program. The problem is that when their license gets close to expiry again, I have them re-entering the program, but they won't get the warning emails that they had received before. 

              This means I have to endlessly multiply the streams AND the emails to accommodate for future license expiry. 

              Does this make sense? I'm sure there are others out there that have come across the same issue?!
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                Kyle Bird
                Yes! Great use-case Cameron. I'm trying to do something very similar with operational emails, though in trying to set up the equvalent in a standard program, its getting overly complicated even when testing. Not somethign I'm feeling very confident in relying upon.

                Can operational emails not be forced via engagement streams?

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                  Jackie Gragnola
                  At my last company, we did a similar program, but had to build it out in a regular program with wait steps. With the ability to push someone through the flows anytime, you wouldn't need to worry about the emails not triggering.

                  For example (flow):
                  Send email 1
                  Wait x days
                  Constraint: if expiry date is not empty, Send email 2
                  Wait x days
                  Constraint: if expiry date is not empty, Send email 3

                  This is assuming that your field NULLs out when the lead is no longer nearing an expiration. Might not solve your exact problem, but be something to think on. It worked well for us, but caveat: if you have people in the middle of a program elsewhere, think about how they would enter the middle of the program (since you can't push someone into the middle of a flow).