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    CASL: Progression Statuses

      Hi Marketo Community!

      I personally hate creating custom fields, so I created a program tag for CASL. The progression statuses are based on their opt-in status. For the 6 month rule, there's a batch campaign to reverse their status and update it, resend them their opt-in email. I'm also pushing the statuses to SFDC so our team is aware of who is opted in. I also used this tag to update the remainder of our database's opt-in and subscription statuses.

      Just thought I would share! Granted, everything goes lives in a couple days, but this was a pretty quick and easy program to set up and encompasses all that's needed by the law.

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          Justin Kirkland
          Hi Kristyn, Did you all end up creating a new status field to note the opt-in? We currently use the lead status field to note whether a lead is "unreviewed" or "contacted"... So we wouldn't be able to overwrite with being opted in according to CASL. We are thinking adding new custom fields to track... But just like you mentioned... It is only so ideal to keep adding custom fields for every little thing... So I like the approach. Also in regards to your sales team... Are you giving them the ability to opt Canadians in by just updating the SFDC status field? And are you tracking who gets opted in or un-opted?... Since sales can be prone to being a bit generous in terms of those kind of things. Best, Justin
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                 Hi Justin,

                 I didn't create any new custom fields, I just simply created a new tag, with status progressions to track their opt-in as a single or double, or out. I am then pushing the statuses to update the "do not mail" box in Salesforce when they opt out.

                 I am not allowing our salesforce to update their status because then we can't prove that they double opted in. I am however working on pushing the opt-in email to sales insight so they can choose to send that email as a one off when they are in offices that wish to receive emails. The email is still part of the program and tag I created in Marketo, so I can continue to have the timestamp/proof for CASL.

                 Hope that helps!