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    CASL Link to Opt-In

    Vanessa Porter

      I saw a really great email from Hootsuite where they provided a CTA and Link to their database to have them opt-in.

      I liked how simple and straightforward it was. So how would I create that in Marketo?

      Would I have to create a landing page with a form? So when they click "submit" it triggers the workflow to opt them in. That doesn't quite do what I want this to do, but I can't think of how to create a button with a flow.

      Any ideas?
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          Check out what Christina P is doing via this thread:

          We're going to adapt a version of her plan, including a simple one-click email. 

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            Vanessa Porter
            Hi Suzerama,

            I saw that and it's awesome, I just don't understand the back end. When I click on the link in the Hootsuite email, it immediately takes me to a thank you page

            See below:

            There's no additional form. How would we do this in Marketo so it triggers the smart campaign? I'm not familiar with simple one-click emails and how they trigger a workflow. Any advice or guidance would be helpful!!

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              Valerie Armstrong
              Hi Vanessa,

              The "button" in the email is likely an image with a link to the thank you page you received.  In Marketo, you would set up a trigger so that if the lead clicks on that link in the email or if the lead visits that thank you page, you update the field you have created to show email opt-in consent. 
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                Vanessa Porter
                Thanks Val!
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                  Hi Venessa, an important thing to note, CASL requires a Double-Optin to be compliant, the processes described above are a single optin.  You will need to send an email asking them to confirm consent (not pre-checked), only then can you legally email. Granted you have qute a bit of leway for existing business relationships and 3 years to comply, but best to set it up correctly from the begining.

                  The flow Id use would be

                  Yes I want to recieve emails.  Then instead of sending them to the thank you page you would state, "We have sent you an email confirmation, etc... Please confirm your consent by checking the Yes I granted Permission check box."  Once they check that box then you can send them to the thank you for providing your consent.  That way you have a reciept and timespam of their consent.

                  Ps same rule applies or Germany btw.
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