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    Upper and Lower Bounds for Lead Scoring

      Just curious to get a sense of some best practices out there -- do you set up upper and lower bounds for lead scoring? E.g., lead score must be some range from 0 to 100.  (This is great, in theory, because it gives your reps some context for what the scores mean.  75 out of 100 is great.  10 out of 100 is not so great.)  

      But if your lead score is a combination of behavior score + demographic score, how do you set upper/lower bounds without interfering with the math?

      I understand how this can be done programmatically in Marketo (e.g., create a listener campaign that says, if lead score > 100, set it back to 100 ... so the score can never be > 100).  But if we create a listener campaign like this, then Behavior Score + Demographic Score will not always equal to Lead Score.  Does this pose challenges?  How have you worked around this?  Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
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          A smart Campaign would do it for you. If lead score is Greater than 101 Change score to 100. 

          Or if Lead value (score) is lower then -1 change score  to 0 ... That’s one way to do it. But the Sales insight is done off of percentages to get around this limitation. 

          I have a "data management" folder with these kind of campaigns in it. Cleans things up a bit. 

          I would express caution when doing this! While I think it's important to have a solid scoring system setting caps might mask an issue with your scoring system (IE your leads might all have a lead score of 100 in a few weeks) You now know that you need to add in some "subtractions" to your current model.

          Hope that helps :)  The CHANGE SCORE flow step is a great one to use

          Note - you're going to want to allow leads to go through the flow MORE THAN ONCE with this smart campaign :)