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    Integration with TeamViewer?

      Hey community,

      Does anyone have experience with TeamViewer? What are your thoughts/feelings on the platform itself?

      And, have you tried integrating it with Marketo? If so, how'd that go for you?

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          I use it to do tech support with family members, so that works pretty well. It seems to like web-apps, so I suspect you could do that with Marketo. Any other "Integrations" you had in mind?
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            As it stands, our sales team is beginning to use TeamViewer for software demonstrations with customers. Being able to integrate via REST or webhook to push out the unique TeamViewer URL to that customer in an email is something that I'd like to be able to offer the sales team.

            Taking advantage of the Marketo platform for automation and reporting is really what I'm after, especially since our CEO desires to have the invitation itself mirror our marketing template (at least in theme).
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              Oh, I see. Not something I've heard of folks doing before, but maybe someone else here has!