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Insert a datetime token value into a date field?

Question asked by a6cba208870fcfdc3d6cb2cbe3c5b5bc28b052ef on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by 6255e5e5db51c0cfddd7b72068dc3ba0ec922b23
     I just made a campaign with one flow step:
     Change Data Value 
     Attribute: (a date field)
     New Value: {{lead.Last Interesting Moment Date}}

     However, when I run it, I get an error that there is an invalid token. Apparently {{lead.Last Interesting Moment Date}} is a datetime field and Marketo doesn't want to insert that into a date field. (This is hard to see... I only get that error message sporadically on hover over the token).

     Is there way I can insert the date of the Last Interesting Moment into this date field?