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    Engagement Programs and Unopened Emails?

      Our content team works ******* developing great content offers that we deliver through email. However, when we send an email out some people don't open it. Becasue the enagagment program doesn't send the same email again, these people go onto the next listed email and never get that previous email with that content offer. 

      I want to make sure that these people still get an opportunity to see the content we make in the first email. Is there a way this can functionaly work on the engagement program? We would obviously change the wording a bit on the second version of the email but I don't want to waste our teams effort and continue to make new content for new emails everytime a stream is exhausted. 

      Suggestions and tips are appreciated!

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          Josh Hill

          I understand the dilemma, but that's reality - some people just aren't interested. The nice thing is you can score those folks and even remove them from the flow eventually.

          I wouldn't rely on Opens as the only measure, not all Opens are reported back. So clicks is better. Marketo does a score based on clicks and opens, but you can't really use it for much.

          What I have done sometimes (although I don't inherently agree with it) is to have paired streams -
          1.           First Emails
          2.           Non Open/Clicks - these include variations of Email 1 with new subject lines.
          If someone engages in Stream 2, they get pushed back to Stream 1. Of course, that can get a bit complicated if you want them to receive the content in order. A better way is to also have Fast Stream and Slow Stream with similar content.
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            Understand the reality. Just wanted to see what options there were. 

            Thanks Josh this helps!