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    Facebook and Marketo Apps

    Bobby Spiecker
      I recently published one of my companies landing pages to Facebook to be used as an 'app' but the sizing is completley messed up is anyone have any issues with this, i thought it would have auto sized it to Facebook's dimensions but it is not. 
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          Hey Bobby, looks like there are some required dimensions you have to work within. 

          Found some guidance in this thread -- there is a template you can import and work from as a starting point (you may be able to reverse engineer the dimensions from there and apply them to your current page to save work). 

          "You can import a Facebook-friendly landing page template from the Marketo Program Library. The template meets the Facebook Pages specs and no scrollbars should appear.

          Import a program and choose the name of the program called "Facebook Tab Template."

          More info on importing a program here.
          https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000L7xvCAC "
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            Bobby Spiecker

            thanks for the respose it really helps, however the link you provided in the 'this thread' hyperlink doesnt seem to work can you send it to me again please? 

            Thank you!
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              Hey Bobby, weird the URL inserter stripped a colon out of the link! Here it is again: