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    Personalized URL Newbie

      I have activated PURL on the admin side and on the landing page. How do I actually implement it? is there a URL field created in Marketo that I can tokenize in a email that points to their personalized landing page? How does the url know to point it to one landing page and not the other? Is there an external setting or API needed for PURLs to be implemented?

      I've never done PURLs before.

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          Hey Ben.
          Now that pURLs are activated in the admin section, now you'll want to goto the specific landing page you're wanting to create pURLs for. Right click on the Landing page & select URL Tools > Enable Personalized URL Settings. Then find a list of people you'd like to create pURLs for & export it. Being sure to click the Include Personalized URLs tick box. 

          If you have any questions let me know.

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            This is if I wanted to send to a static list. What if I wanted to send to an email smartlist? Can't I just tokenize the email to have http://URL/Page Name/{{lead.First Name}}{{lead.Last Name}} ?
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              Delinda Tinkey
              PURLs are generally used for hard mailers to a static list. If you're emailing leads, you don't need a PURL. Just create your landing page, within your email hyperlink text to that landing page, then use lead tokens on the landing page. When a lead clicks the link in your email, they will see a personalized landing page without needing a PURL.