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Deleting Emails In Salesforce

Question asked by 3a34eefb1f3f26ffa0b0aa70df65dbc2d6059b96 on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by 5cfe13d3a2df84635fabe42f29e5d2d024f30b14
Before we had Marketo we had a procedure of deleting the email addresses out of Saleforce so that they weren't pulled into email blasts.  We noticed that if we delete and email in Saleforce now, it won't transfer any more information to the Marketo lead and it continues to email them.  Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how do deal with it?  What happens if an email is no longer good, but we don't want to delete the account?