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How does lead information get onto a form on a landing page?

Question asked by 7a1042b589743249a85339318d0c22fea9a54d33 on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by c101158fce2c7ea834303c3d3b0489ee3baffa4a
I'm trying to understand how/when the lead information is available to get populated into a pre-filled form. Does the information come solely from the Munckin code? Or does the lead information get sent through the email code somehow?

I'm asking because I'm in a situation where a lead will enter Marketo, be sent an email, and may then get deleted out of Marketo. If a deleted person clicks on the email to fill out our form, I'm trying to figure out if the lead information will still populate onto the form or not. Preferably I'd like for that to happen, but unsure if it works like that currently.