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    Email Benchmarking Study

      Does Marketo have a benchmark study like SilverPop does (search for 2014 email marketing benchmark study)? Where can we get the complaint rate stats? That would be a great metric to include in the email reports along with opens, clicks, unsubs, etc...
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          I think this would be a really helpful metric, since it's something that we don't currently have any insight into. For anyone who hasn't seen the SilverPop email benchmarks, it's a great breakdown by industry of email benchmarks. You can download here.

          Another helpful thing (now that we have mobile information) would be a clearer distinction in where an email was opened or clicked. I know we can create reports in analytics, but it would be nice if there was a breakdown of mobile vs desktop in the email send section. eMarketer's annual email benchmarks report just came out last week, and is showing that mobile optimization is, as we know, very important. Here's a chart from that report.