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    Should a personalized URL pre-fill a form?

      I'm testing a landing page using personalized URLS and was expecting that in the case that a user who did not have a cookie on their browser visited a personalized URL, the form would be prefilled with their details. However, that does not appear to be happening. Wondering if I've done something wrong or if I've just miss-understood this functionality?

      So to clarify, I was expecting that if I visited, this URL for example: http://info.vmob.co/six-degrees-of-kevin-beacon/BAX69K8 on a browser that had not previously been cookied with any user information for our site/marketo, I would see the form pre-filled with the lead data from our database associated with that UID.

      However, I see just a blank form on an un-cookied browser and on a browser that has previously been cookied, I see the form prefilled with the data of the lead that has been cookied, not the lead that the personalised URL relates to. (So I know the prefill is working on the form in general)

      Anyone have any insight on this? Is this how it's supposed to work? Or am I doing something wrong?