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Friday Five: Update on the Calendar in case you missed the email

Question asked by 6b251803a89899b5bc8c7709db4c78261ad820a5 on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2014 by Arjun Nair


     Good news about the newly released Calendar

     Cheryl tells me that we will be turning on Marketing Calendar for all customers, so that everyone can experience the new functionality.

     In addition, we have modified how we count Marketing Calendar licenses, allowing you the flexibility to choose which users can access Marketing Calendar.

     Note: You will receive an email notification before your account is enabled.

What does this mean for me?

  •           Everyone gets access to Marketing Calendar until 1 week after our August release
  •           All customers get 5 free user licenses of Marketing Calendar in their subscription
  •           With our August release, your Marketo Admin will have to pick the 5 users who continue to get free access.  
     You can learn more here: