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    Dream Job Alert: Director of Marketing Operations in NYC

      This is an early preview FOR MARKETO COMMUNITY ONLY for a position that will be publicly announced later this month (unless of course we hear from you before that!).

      Are you ready to lead a team of marketing technology and automation specialists to the next level?

      The fastest growing B2B SaaS technology company in NYC is looking for a "Director of Marketing Operations" to lead a team of automation specialists and push the boundaries of what's possible with Marketo.

      We prepared for your arrival by first investing heavily over the last year to create the best Marketo implementation we could:
      • Deep Marketo and SFDC Integration (full campaign level integration, complete lead lifecycle on both leads and contacts)
      • Bi-directional sync with our product user database.
      • Marketo Fundamentals: 2 Lead Scoring Programs (Outbound/Inbound), Nurture Programs (5 Engagement Programs), Events, Webinars, Email Campaigns - all configured and optimized. No leads are left behind.
      • Highly optimized lead lifecycle process (lead gen -> nurture -> scoring -> qualification -> deals -> wins -> repeat) 
      We also set up teams for you to partner with:
      • Marketing Campaign Managers: a team of revenue marketers who use Marketo every day.
      • Content: a team of writers and designers pumping out quality content - are are a content driven company.
      • Sales Ops: a team of SFDC admins and business process specialists ready to work with you to build the next-generation of sales/marketing machine.
      • Product/Engineering: a team of SaaS product specialists, designers and database architects ready to work with you to build the next-generation of SaaS product level integration. Imagine building out dynamic campaigns in Marketo based on product engagement/preferences!
      Now it's time for you to step into our gorgeous office on Park Ave with 360 views of Manhattan and create your dream marketing operations machine.

      Did we mention that this is not a position for someone who's just getting started with Marketo or marketing operations?

      If you're a Marketo rockstar looking for an opportunity to put your skills to work, test your limits, and help fuel this rocketship into space, then please email me directly at grant.grigorian@gmail.com

      Look forward to hearing from you!