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Seeking guidance with SPF and DKIM

Question asked by 62146 on Aug 11, 2014
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Greetings Marketo Community,

I'm seeking some guidance regarding where I need to set up SPF and DKIM as none of my vendors seem to agree on what needs to be done where.

Here are the vendors I'm currently using:
a) our domain is registered with GoDaddy (redirects to our website host
b) our website host is (where we have mx records for
c) our email provider is
And nobody appears to know what to do…
·        Support at our domain host says SPF and DKIM need to be set up with our email provider (Smarsh)
·        Support at Smarsh says SPF and DKIM need to be set up with our domain (GoDaddy) and website (Wix) providers.
·        Support at Wix indicates "you are asking to change your DNS settings, which is something we cannot do"
Can anyone tell me where SPF and DKIM needs to be impolemented; GoDaddy, Wix or Smarsh?

Once I determine where it needs to be implemented, then I can better champion get support from that vendo to do it.

We recently sent our first small email campaign, and I suspect delivery was impeded due to this not being set up.  I'm eager to get past it.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.