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    Tagging leads to multiple things

      Is there a way to mark someone who is interested in multiple things so you can pull a smart list based on ANY of the attributes? For example, say someone is interested in oranges, apples, and bananas and has attended something for each of thoese. But I now want to do a promotion on just oranges, how do I make sure this person is tied still to the others, but only getting this orange email? (clearly I like to use fruit as examples)

      We have a rather extensive database and as we transition over into Marketo we want to make sure that we get all leads with their overarching interests AND specific interests and be able to pull on any of the items we need. 

      Please help!!
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          Grant Booth

               It sounds like you're looking for an appending field, so it's all kept in a single text field, but every time a new value is added, it gets stuck on the end.

               For example, if you have a field called Interests, and a lead has the value "Apples; Oranges; Bananas" for that field. Then if you want to identify leads who have the "Bananas" included in that field, you could use the below filter in your smart lists:
               Interests "contains" "Bananas".

               Suppose you want someone to be able to fill out a form and add values to that list rather than replacing the existing value.
               You could do this using a second custom field meant to store the added value temporarily, called Interests Temp for example, which you could put on the form.

               Then a smart campaign could say:
               Trigger: Data Value Changes, attribute "Interests Temp"
               Flow: Change Data Value, attribute "Interests", new value "{{lead.Interests}}; {{lead.Interests Temp}}".
               thus causing it to copy the value from the Interests Temp field onto the end of the Interests field, following a semi-colon.

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            If people are registering from multiple forms/landing pages for all sorts of events (apples, oranges and bananas from one section of our products but then football and soccer from another product segmentation) this method you said would allow us to keep all of this information? 

            I just want to make sure as people are entering into our database our adding to their own profile of things they attended, we capture all of that information properly and are able to market smarter towards them - providing only relevant information they are looking to receive.