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    leads in multiple channels for the same offer - Best Practice Question

    Michelle Tiziani
      So we launched a new product last year and I just realized that the person building the campaigns on the SFDC side has been adding the same leads in different SFDC campaigns/channels for the same offer, ignoring those who have already converted.  It has happened where they've signed up on the website and then days later responded to a print campaign, or even perhaps a re-engagement campaign.  

      What is the best practice here on the SFDC side and Marketo, when someone converts from one campaign, but doesn't convert from one or more related offer campaigns, should they be removed from those campaigns on SFDC?

      On the Marketo side, should I create a listening campaign that ignores a converted lead from a similar offer campaign?  And not add them to a program with a success status?

      Lastly, what is the best way to hide previous years' campaign from SFDC so it's not visible to our sales associates and other marketing staff.  
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          Josh Hill
          I usually want to know each channel they respond to, even if they do so multiple times. In fact, Marketo's attribution program system wants to know this.

          When you say you want to hide things in SFDC, what do you mean? SFDC is going to display only the most recent 3-4 campaigns in the hover. You will want to show or at least record the entire history. I suppose your SFDC Admin may know of a way to prevent it from displaying more than the past year's worth of member history.
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            Michelle Tiziani
            Thanks for the reply Josh and it makes sense.  This has only become a problem recently because each time someone converts to a trial subscriber coming from different channels at the same time or within a week, it's a problem for one of our marketing staff who has to add a start and end date for a trial and the campaign source and these are custom campaign objects in SFDC.  So in our case, and for publication products only where trial subscriptions are concerned, only one channel should be given credit for converting and must be removed from the other channels once converted. 

            If it was a different product like sponsorship, advertising or database or events, it would not be a problem using multi-channels.  

            In our instance of SFDC, when you hover the leads or contacts campaigns, we see more than 4 campaigns that they are a member of, some from old campaigns. It gets verfy confusing for the person who does data entry.