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Adding Lead Score to New Tasks Created

Question asked by 826341c70560beacd6db6cd9e4bcb38bbf1d36a7 on Aug 7, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by 54019
Hi there,

For downloaded assets, we create tasks on a one-off basis depending on the importance of the asset and relevance to a SFDC dashboard/report.  We have a lead scoring program in place, but, with this sort of thing, we have to add a score change to the flow step every time.

We're re-doing our lead scoring mechanism, and I was curious if there's a way of adding a certain score in the event that ANY task created via Marketo that includes "Download" in the Subject, thereby not having to add the score to the flow step alongside the creation of the task in SFDC.

Any assistance would be appreciated!

Thanks :)