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change lead ownership from sfdc nurture queue to sfdc user

Question asked by bb7a8e30cfc31ba43335a8122181107a1311e8e5 on Feb 2, 2015
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Question: how do I automate the change of lead ownership from the nurture queue to the appropriate lead owner?

As it stands now, our process is:
  • Sales determines lead isn't sales ready, assigns to nurture queue in sfdc and updates lead status field to "nurture queue"
  • Leads enter nurture program until they reach MQL status again (based on their activity)
  • Once the lead hits MQL again, want to sync to sfdc based on auto assignment rules, however noticing that the lead owner was not being updated - based on my understanding, this is because Marketo does not see queues, only users.
How can I re-assign the lead owner when the current owner is the sfdc nurture queue? (all leads in nurture queue also have a status for "nurture queue") 

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