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Engagement score question for emails in a program

Question asked by b69d3fcdf09466557a3d0b696f3436dde4301038 on Aug 19, 2014
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I understand that engagement score is calculated based on number of successes in a nurture program as opposed to actual email metrics but I am still not understanding the scores we're given in our engagement streams.
     We have one nurture program that has an engagement score of 90.  It has 14 total members who are considered Success out of 2111 total members.  I still don't understand how that equates to a score of 90??  We have other programs with a much higher success rate with a larger denominator but it has a lower score.  For example, we have another program with total members of 15486 with Successes of 634 and that has an engagement score or 12.
     Looking for a way to better understand this so that I can best instruct our team on how to leverage the engagement score.