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Images in emails not displaying properly in Outlook 2010

Question asked by e6b45431f3562dfd22af905a89d0f7b732715699 on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Alok Ramsisaria
While some of our emails/campaigns are built entirely within Marketo, others, like our weekly newsletter, is created using an in-house tool and then the html is copied and pasted into Marketo.

Some of our customers using Outlook 2010 have reported that none of the images in the newsletter ever display properly, and the issue seems to be specific to Outlook 2010 users. We confirmed this by testing using Litmus. I had a theory that Marketo didn't like our externally-hosted image URLs, so we tried changing some of the image URLs so that they were hosted inside Marketo's design studio instead and tested again in Litmus. The results seemed to have at least partially confirmed my theory, as the email's images rendered correctly in all email cients when we used Marketo-hosted image URLs.

So my question is, has anyone else experienced anything similar with images not rendering properly in Outlook 2010? I'm wondering if there are any other possible causes. We'd rather not build this particular email inside Marketo if we can help it, but any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.