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    What have others been doing for CASL?

      Hi there,

      We are wondering other folks have been doing for CASL? We have set up our own campaign to get folks to opt-in, but are curious as to what others are doing?
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          Josh Hill
          Yep, There's a ton of content out there on this process. And quite a few threads here from May-June.
          1.           Segment out Canadian leads
          2.           determine who has implicit/explicit consent
          3.           ask list to opt in
          4.           if they don't, set to unsubscribed
          5.           make sure there's a way to log the date and IP of the change (Marketo does do this, but you may want something clearer in the system).
          Since this is after July 1, I think you need to opt out all your non permissioned Canadian leads at this stage.
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