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Prevent Sales Alert for Lead Scores when lead's score decreases

Question asked by Augie Kuron on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by 72a28a22ea2d20a204c7193f1fe029e799e988dc
Hello Community,

I set up Sales Alerts to be sent out to our inside sales team when a lead's score breaks 60.  It all seems to be working out great despite one issue:  When a lead's score decreases due to our score decay (-7 for 45 days of innactivity) and the new score is still above 60, a sales alert is still sent out.

In attempts to prevent this I added a constraint.  Here is my Smart List Filter:

Score is Changed:
  •           Score name is Lead Score
  •           Change is not -7
  •           New Score is Greater Than 60
     The constratint does seem to prevent sales alerts in most instances but occasionally a few might sneak through.  Any advice on how to prevent this completely, would be much appreciated.