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tradeshow vs roadshow

Question asked by b22350823d089089842684df4c06d161b3b33170 on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by b22350823d089089842684df4c06d161b3b33170
does anyone understand the distinction between these tradeshow vs roadshow programs?

we are having a private panel event with 200 attendees. this is an invite only event (people will register to attend via a marketo form).  I prefer to use the marketo event ipad app for ipad at the door to check them off as attended once they they enter the event (someone told me you can do that, havent tried this feature yet).  What program do i create for this? tradeshow? roadshow? also do you need to have an enterprise subscription of marketo to use the marketing event app for ipad? We currently have a standard subscription. Thanks