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    Engagement Program Questions

      I am looking for advise on how to set up the "campaign" part of my engagement program. I will have the stream set up with the emails. Do I need to create a Program within the engagement program for the Smart Campaigns (screen shot below)?

      I am wanting to set up Smart Campaigns for Sending Email, Opening emails, Clicking on Links, Fills Out Forms, etc.. Is there a way for all this to be set up once but tracked on every email in the stream or do I have to create a set of Smart Campaigns for every email? Also, needing help with the Flow step of the Send Email Smart Campaign. I'm not sure what flow action to select. Thanks!


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          Hey Blair,

          It looks like your smart campaigns are just for managing Program Status, other than the Send Email, that right? If so, you do not need to have a Program to consolidate the campaigns, they can live inside the Engagement program.

          What is the purpose of the Send Email campaign? If you have set up the streams, it seems unnecessary.

          And you can reference your emails by the full asset name which includes the Program Name. For example, in your Opens Email campaign, your trigger would "Opens Email", your logic would be "starts with", and the email 'name' would be "Nonprime Canada."... see what I mean? The campaign will look for any email from your program and when it is opened, they will qualify for your flow.
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            Hi Blair,

            There is  series of Engagement Program tutorials. If you follow step by step, you'll be able to find what you need. this is the first of the series: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000LAVuCAO

            Also, you can either set up your program to with emails or email programs. The choice is yours. 
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              So would the "Opens Email" Smart List have the the Opens Email filter pulled in for every email. EX: If I have 3 emails in my strea, I would have 3 Opend Email filters?

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                I would recommend using the Opens Email trigger so that you don't have have it a recurring batch campaign. And you can use just one campaign for all emails in your stream. When you add the Opens Email trigger, you will need to modify it how I mentioned in my first response. You won't reference one email in particular, you will reference all emails within the Program.
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                  You can refer to a specific email if you choose to insert emais in your streams instead or programs.  

                  Other options would be:
                  -clicks link in email
                  -sends email

                  (Make sure you add the filter to make sure they do not unsubscribe)
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                    Josh Hill
                    Your Engagement should look more like

                    Engagement --- Streams contain emails and handle sending
                    -01 - Emails to Send
                    -02 - Status Flows (as Jeff suggests)
                    --01 Delivered
                    --02 Opens
                    --03 Clicks
                    --04 Fills Out Form/Engaged
                    --05 GOAL
                    --06 Unsubscribed from emails in this Engagement

                    The only time you might want to use a child Program is if that program contains a set of content to use in a Stream.
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                      Curious as to why you need to track the email stats such as Opened, delivered as program statuses.  We have a special engagement stream email report that can be created as a local asset for viewing email stats in each stream in a program.
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                        Thank you all for your suggestions. I think I have it down now.

                        Cheryl C - Marketo is still new to me and I am learning as I go. I was initially taught to add the "Open Email" so that we could track who has opened the emails. Can you give me some guidance on how to set up the special engagement email report steam?

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                          One more question. Where am I supposed to create the Smart List of people I am sending the emails to? I typically do that in the Sends Email campaign but since I have all emails are in the stream I don't need that step.