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    Weekly webinar series, forms and other fun triggers

           Hi all,

           The company I work for runs a weekly webinar series.  Currently -- I build a new landing page, a new form (to track the lead source to the exact date of the webinar) and a new smart campaign for each separate webinar (GoToMeeting).  

           I was wondering if anyone has a better way of managing weekly webinars.  I set up a form in the design studio with the intent of using the same form for each new landing page... but can no longer use the trigger "filled out form" or else registrants will all be registered for the same exact webinar on one date, rather than the specific one they intended to sign up for through the landing page...

           Any and all ideas appreciated!

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          Mel Dadoly
          Hi Jill,

          If you want to use the same form, you can still use the "fills out form" trigger. There is an option on that trigger to add a constraint for the web page the form is on. This will work if you continue to make a new landing page for each webinar.
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            Edward Masson
            Is each of your webinars connected to individual marketo programs with a local asset form and LP?
            By cloning the whole program and just making slight edits to tokens, webinar name, webinar date, etc will help your productivity.
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              I would create a blank webinar template with tokens. This will allow you to clone the program each week for the webinar, then simply "plug and play" the tokens. I build in my QA for tests into the template as well. Although it takes a bit of time, it is definitely worth it for the long term. 

              Also, if you want to track which webinar or the lead source, you can add hidden fields on your form then populate the information in the link. For us, I have two hidden fields: lead source and lead source detail. For my universal webinar form, I make it so the lead source is webinar, then I populate the leads source detail (IE the webinar name, ideally to match something of what's in SFDC) in the URL. Once you have the form ironed out and a template, you should be able to bust out these webinars in no time.

              Hope that helps!