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    Email analytics dont match

      Delivered and Opened do not match for email send program in marketing analytics dsashboard vs analytics email performance report.

      Why is this?
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          Josh Hill
          This may be due to differences in triggers and reporting and when you ran both reports. 
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            This also has to do with how Marketo (and email clients in general) record an email open. There are 2 ways:


            1. If the user downloads an image (or all the images) in your email, Marketo marks an "opened email" for you. These opens will show up with a smartlist filter

            2. If they don't download images, but clicked a link in your email. This is an indirect way for Marketo, and you will not get these opens when you use a smartlist filter.


            On the other hand, if you go to reporting and create a report where in "Setup" (instead "Smart List") you add a filter for only the one email you're looking for, Marketo will open a report with every open. That is, those who downloaded your images + those who did not download images, but clicked a link.


            Finally, if a user did open your email, but did not click a link and didn't download the images, you will never know they opened your email. Unless they reply to you .


            Hope it helps.