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How do I know which LeadAttributes in the UI are supported by SOAP?

Question asked by 4ff282762e2329eff66acc6a898c76330a4ee628 on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by 4ff282762e2329eff66acc6a898c76330a4ee628
There are many Lead attributes in the UI, but some do not appear to be recognized by SOAP.

For instance, "Job Title".  I see it in the UI, but if I attempt to set it via SOAP I get "Unknown lead field".  

If I set "Job Title" in the UI, that field is still not included in Leads retrieved by SOAP.  (EDIT: I'm mistaken, it's there, under "Title".)

Thus, it appears that "Job Title" is kind of a second-class attribute.

How can I know what attributes can be used by SOAP?