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    Token use in Email Template Set-up

      We send multi-language e-mails out, and I need to have multi-lingual headers and footers for the various translations.  I thought perhaps a snippet would work, but it does not, as you have to replace an entire block in the email editor with the snippet - unless I missed something.

      So, I thought about just creating a blank email template for each language and adding the html that makes up the header (view in browser) and the unsubscribe footer, and just call to each template based on language, and then add my main body content each time in the standard e-mail editor.

      However, I can't seem to figure out how to add the unsubscribe link so that it passes through the users e-mail address to the unsubscribe form/page.  There is not a system token for the unsubscribe that can be place in the template, from what I can see, and using the url for the unsubscribe landing page does not carry across the email address.

      Any ideas?