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    Dynamic content based on two segments?

    Kasia Kowalewski

      New to Marketo here and slowly learning the ropes. I am preparing a newsletter for our sales employees. I have people who are in different cities and who speak different languages. 

      I've set up :
      •           a segment based on language
      •           a segment based on city
      If they are English, they see all English content. French see all French content. 
      In my newsletter I'm showing the weather in the city they are in. If they are in Toronto, they see Toronto weather. Montrealers see Montreal weather.

      My issue is I have Montrealers who speak English and Montrealers who speak French. 

      So I would need Marketo to do this logic  : 

      What city segment are they in? Answer = Montreal.
      Ok, what language do they speak? Answer = French 
      Ok show French Montreal weather.

      Is this possible? Or is the best practice to set up 2 segments per city... 
      •           Toronto English Segment
      •           Toronto French Segment
      •           Montreal English Segment
      •           Montreal French Segment
      But I have 6 cities total. With 2 segments per city and the amount of snippets I have.. it could get out of hand, no?

      Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

      Kasia (English Montrealer) ;)