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Dynamic content based on form checkboxes

Question asked by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by 7f3ecac12d2b6ee659f018b1204a6acb1e62bb2f
How can a landing page display content only if a checkbox was checked in a form? Creating segments seems to be cumbersome (this is how we are approching the problem), and hopfully there is a more elegant solution. Here is the scenario.

User registers up to 10 products on a form, checking which products are being registered. An email is sent to the user driving them to a marketo landing page. There should be a link to a PDF for each product they registered. 

Is it possible to create a snippet that shows the link only if the checkbox has been check for each product?