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Email program dashboard - weird results!

Question asked by f4c42f07c0d88e000a827aea45d6f40ecdeae1da on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by Veronica Holmes

I did an e-mail program this morning, August 19th, promoting an ebook. It was deployed at 11:15 am EST. I checked back for results on the e-mail program dashboard. Under the "Opens" bar chart, it is showing that 1,313 people opened the email more than 48 hours after the email was sent... it hasn't been 48 hours yet!!The date on the barchart it is saying the email was sent is July 26th at 9:07 am- which isn't possible. The email program and email wasn't even created yet on July 26th!
I have pulled bounced, opened, clicks etc... reports and smart lists manually but am really perplexed by this inaccurate date/hour count on the email program dashboard itself. Any thoughts? (I have refreshed it, I have logged out and logged back in etc... doesn't change)