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    How Im Handling CASL

      Thought I would share my approach to this new regulation since it's taken a bit of work :) 

      Here is my checklist from my Google doc of everything I need to do in Marketo. Im performing these all with Smart Campaigns in Marketo and Workflow rules in Salesforce. 

          Housecleaning - unsubscribed if opt-in checkbox is NULL and country = Canada
          Housecleaning - if unsubscribe = true, then opt-in for Canada is NULL
          Populate opt-in field for all Canadian customers
          Daily batch to check for opt-in expiration - 3 years for customers. 6 months for implied opt-in
          Canadian Opportunity list - 3 years implied opt-in - update status with date
          Implied opt-in for actions taken in last 6 months - webinar registration, whitepaper download 
          Smart campaign built in Marketo to auto-send opt-in request when new leads created with country = Canada

      First I created an Opt-In checkbox field and Opt-In date field in Salesforce. I setup a Salesforce workflow rule that populates the date/time in the Opt-In date field anytime the Opt-In checkbox field is changed.

      Next, I created a workflow that locked the email field in Salesforce if the Opt-In field was checked and country = Canada. 

      All the campaigns listed above are to update all customers and implied opt-ins prior to July 1 so I know who to send an opt-in email to. Then to make sure we are asking for opt-in when new leads come in from Canada. 

      For those impied opt-ins, I have campaigns set to run everyday and check the date field. If the country = Canada, opt-in is true and date is more than 6 months ago with no activity, we send opt-in email and change value to false until we get validation from the recipient. 

      Although I have setup a smart list to be using in campaigns going forward, Im going to unsubscribe non-opt-ins just as a safety measure.  (we dont use 'marketing suspended')

      Im not sure if this helps any of you but wanted to share in the event that it does.