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Is Chrome recommended yet?

Question asked by ba600f753b931d41c029721eaa36356b5b857429 on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by Randy Davis
When I started with Marketo about a year ago, I was always told (by Marketo themselves) that only Firefox should be used with Marketo. While it was an odd restriction for a cloud app to have, I used Firefox. With the new UI design, Chrome seems better than before, but I'm not totally confident in it yet with Marketo.

I'd prefer to use Chrome, but I don't want to deal with weirdness like I used to with Marketo in Chrome. So far it seems to work fine, though. Any advice? Any official stance from Marketo?

If Firefox is still the choice browser, it'd be nice if Marketo took browser support a bit more seriously. It's not like I'm trying to use IE6.