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    How to Resolve HTTP Errors

      Hello All,

      When ever I I am using WebHook to reachout to my URL on HTTP(s) POST. When I am using HTTP, I am getting 400 Bad Request and when I am using HTTP(s), I am getting CA Certificate Error. Although, when I am using them from NON MARKETO platfroms, things are working perfectly ok. I have no firewall rules. 

      Can anybody please help me to resolve this issue ASAP ?

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          Are you using a self-signed certificate on your server, if so that might be where the error is?
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            The issue is that, when I started putting traces around my firewall, I am not seeing any request is coming from Marketo platfrom. However, when I am reaching my firewall from other sources, things are ok. Can you please give a clue ? 
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              On further investigation, I found there is an issue:

              1. I wanted the final URL to be "http://ems2.icsmsg.com?username=<UserName>&password=<Passwd>&source=<Source>&destination={{lead.Phone Number:default=edit me}}&message=<Message>

              2. Now, in the WebHook, I added URL as "http://ems2.icsmsg.com" and Payload Template as "username=<UserName>&password=<Passwd>&source=<Source>&destination={{lead.Phone Number:default=edit me}}&message=<Message>", but it seems, the Marketo is not adding "?" in the final URL.

              3. When I hardcoded the URL as "http://ems2.icsmsg.com?username=<UserName>&password=<Passwd>&source=<Source>&destination=<Mobile Number>&message=<Message>" and added the entire URL in tag URL, then it is working.

              4. But I can not add "http://ems2.icsmsg.com?username=<UserName>&password=<Passwd>&source=<Source>&destination={{lead.Phone Number:default=edit me}}&message=<Message>" in the URL tag, as the token functionality of the URL tag does not work and as a result of that parameter 'destination' is NULL.

              Can anybody please let me know

              1. What is the way to junction the payload and URL with "?", where in I wanted to make sure that tokens can be used to define various fields of my URL.
              2. If that is not possible, then how to pick up the data using token from leads database by adding the token in the URL and by keeping the payload NULL.

              If any one of the above issues are closed, then my problem would be resolved.