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Delay on Campaigns Synced from Salesforce

Question asked by 04170b5ed17ffe476d10b633b0b38d4c10a2f5af on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by 04170b5ed17ffe476d10b633b0b38d4c10a2f5af
We've been encountering a problem recently when creating campaigns in SFDC.

We have a group that creates campaigns through a package in SFDC, and they have been using those campaigns to identify leads in Marketo and send them emails.

However, recently the campaigns they have been creating (and any others created in SFDC) have been taking over an hour to sync to Marketo. I've tried hiding unnecessary fields, but it's still taking way too long for active campaigns to sync back over.

Does anyone have any tips to speed this process up? Previosuly the sync was taking only a few minutes, so any help would be appreciated.