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Marketo integration with Dynamics CRM causing slowness in CRM

Question asked by f6d7358f67ec1545dde78f6c6da60292a474ecf2 on Oct 22, 2014
We are trying to integrate Marketo with Dynamics CRM.  Whenever the sync is connected it causes slowness in our CRM to the point where it is almost unusable.  We think we know the issue...since Marketo plugin runs synchronously it is running into another process (Scribe) that we use for DB replication for our CRM.  The 2 processes are hitting each other and locking rows. (our assumption)

Has anyone else run into this issue?  If you are integrating MArketo and Dynamics, do you use a tool for database replication?  If so, what tool?  We are wondering if this is just a Scribe/Marketo issue or if other db replication processes would do the same thing.

Thank you!