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    Dynamic Content

    Andy Zebulske
      I am looking to have content blocks in emails and depending on either what the person clicked in the past or a field in the database i am looking to have different content appear. I looked at the segmentaion but they dont have the correct fields. Any suggestions?
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          Josh Hill
          You could do the following

          Segmentation with two Segments: Clicked X in Past; Field in Database
          Then in your email, you would Segement by for that block.

          Two emails that go to each group. Might be easier to do this if you don't plan to use those Segments often.
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            Andy Zebulske
            Thanks Josh!

            i actaully poked around for a bit and created a smart campaign to change the data field to the link they clicked based off a part of the link. Then based off that used segemnts and within those segments used tokens to populate the correct content.