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    Creating Intential Duplicates and copying activity between them

      So recently I had Sales approach me telling me that they needed to create intentional duplicates of the same lead to accomodate a new parter portal program we're implementing. 

      So in the process of determining whether this is a good idea and what options we have, I came up with an idea that might work, but I'm not quite sure and I'm hoping someone has some experience with this. 

      1. We'd create the duplicates
      2. We'd have a field in each record that lists all other duplicate records
      This is where I'm not sure how it would work/if it's possible and if you had any sample smart campaigns to achieve this

      3. Anytime a lead performs any activity (email click, web visit, etc.), the activity would then get copied over to all other records

      4. Lead status and score would also transfer from record to record

      If the lead eventually did convert into a customer, I'd like all records to be merged at that point, but I think that's an entirely different conversation. 

      Is what I'm thinking possible? 

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          Generally not that way. We don't have any method for coping activity like that. However, sometimes you can have one primary record and duplicates without much activity used for that portal user- e.g. just creating that if you need it, not emailing it, and trying to mostly not put activity on that record.

          At a high-level, I'd try not to implement this ;)

          Failing that, I'd really recommend getting a consultant's (ours or someone independent) help in thinking through this- it gets pretty complex once you start trying to manage duplicates.