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Best practices for Engagement Program Status

Question asked by e802f72c4361800f48a2674620cbcc23a9c8db19 on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2015 by Rich Miller
Hi Marketing Nation,

We're working on our first engagement program and we're running into some unknowns regarding program status. Here's the set up:
  •           Engagement program set up with program status (defaults): Not in program, member, engaged (success)
  •           Engagement program channel is set up as "Nuture Parent"
  •           We have child programs set up underneath and inserted into streams as we need to better control who gets which email, etc.
  •           For the child programs, we set up a new nurturing channel "Nurture Child" with standard program statuses like: Not in progam, member, clicked offer link (success), downloaded paper (success), playback webinar (success). 
  •           We set up a campaign to track success status within each child program and then update the Parent Engagement program status to "engaged".
For purposes of reporting and success attribution to the channel, does anyone have best practices for setting the program status for the engagement program? I'd love to hear from anyone else's experience in setting up the engagement programs. Thanks.