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    Email Images Not Loading & Email Links Not Working...For Some People

      So we've had a good number of cases of two different issues.

      1. Some people's images don't load, mostly in Outlook. They can download them, but they get a red X that says it can't be loaded.  This only happens on some people, though. And when another person is forwarded an email from someone with this issue, that email shows up fine for the new person.

      2. Some people's email's links don't work. It just shows an error. Not the type that it redirects to our site for a not found error, but an error that it can't find the server and the browser is forced to display an error. When they forward it to me or to someone who it does work for, the links work fine for that new person. So the links are still correct.

      Mostly these issues are with separate people, no one has both issues. But we've had a couple that do have both. But there seems to be no correlation to who it's affecting.  I've also talked with marketo support and our own IT and CNAME has been good for over a year and they both say everything on their end looks fine.  

      Anyone encourntered anything like this?