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What kind of reports are you running? Any must have reports?

Question asked by caa8f0bba4de5ebb37e5fe100e07e217370a392c on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by caa8f0bba4de5ebb37e5fe100e07e217370a392c
I wanted to connect with the community to get advice on any must have Marketo reports. Most of our reports come from SFDC but I want to take advantage of Marketo and their analytics.  I have the basic reports in the analytics section set up. This includes the lead performance by source report, landing page performance report, email performance report and email link performance report.

I started building reports in the lead database section that allows us to see how many leads we created per week, how many leads unsubscribed per week and how many leads have converted through social media. I did this because this is helpful information for us.

I know there's no perfect answer for this but I was hoping people could share what they've set up.