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    Optimizing smart lists for email sends

      I'm looking for a way to optimize the smart lists of my email send programs. Currently I have a processesing delay that causes my email to be delivered almost an hour and a half after I schedule the smart campaign to execute.

      I have already read MKTO's help article on optimizing smart lists

      Part of the reason I have the processing delay is that the smart list of my email send programs reference other smart lists in my lead database. They are referencing smart lists rather than segments because I want to define my audience with activity filters within a specific time frame. 

      I know that these nested smart lists increase processing time. Have other people dealt with this issue by managing regular static lists in their lead database? That is an option I'm considering.

      I would appreciate any insight into how to tackle this processing issue. I would also like to know if having multiple email sends processing (or engagement program streams running) at the same time would reduce the processing speed and delay email delivery. It seems likely that it would.